Fuck You, too


What an inviting way to start the convo. Also, guys should probably read just a little. I don’t drink and I say that everywhere. So unless you’re taking me for slushies… I’m really not your girl.



Hey guys, can anyone explain the logic behind sending something like this to someone. I do not know you from Adam, and now I have your entire life story. As you can see this is just part of the message. I didn’t even want to read it, so I figured you didn’t either. There were at least 2 other paragraphs.

Oddly enough, he doesn’t mention how much he likes to write. …


I honestly don’t think there’s anything left to discuss. You’ve covered it all in the novel you wrote me.  Like what else could there be to say?

Not to mention, I’d probably forget one of the things you said in your novel and ask you a question like, “What are the best shows ever?” And then you’d be all “See you don’t care about anything I say, I already told you.” And I just can’t deal.