Fuck You, too


What an inviting way to start the convo. Also, guys should probably read just a little. I don’t drink and I say that everywhere. So unless you’re taking me for slushies… I’m really not your girl.

Cheat Please


“I really enjoy being treated like shit” – that’s what he just said to me right? To answer your question, NO. No, I do not. I imagine the emotional baggage that got him to this point is just incredible.

Total Bother


Asking all of the hard-hitting and necessary questions up front. I just do not understand what goes on in people’s heads sometimes. He’s right though, it is awkward.

Pokemon Moms



This is one hell of a story. By trying to not come across as creepy, he made it sound like a total creep.  A simple “I work with kids, and moms aren’t open minded” would have sufficed.  But adding that additional comment about the game store and the mom saying he stalks kids… I just don’t know what to make of this.