Over the Moon

2016-03-17 11.56.02

So. Many. Emojis. Also, I love the alternative to fishing poles.

2016-03-17 12.05.55

A month later, and we’re still rocking the emoji’s. Less variety and more words. Also, that first line… that’s solid material right there.

Total Bother


Asking all of the hard-hitting and necessary questions up front. I just do not understand what goes on in people’s heads sometimes. He’s right though, it is awkward.

Rekindling old flames… for a baby?


After radio silence for a month, I get this opener. Trust me I preferred the silence….


Baby for the summer? Every independent woman’s dream, no?


Soooo we have kids cause our “friends” are fake? Solid plan.


The level of crazy… I mean woah.


To clarify, by talked before he means texted for 3 days a month prior. I also love how guys that DON’T want to get me pregnant must be lame.